Saturday, April 30, 2011


With our trip coming up faster than we know it I decided to make both kids a "Planket".  I found this "Planket Tutorial" at The Crafter's File and changed it up a bit. 

Now Miss Em has been to the fabric store with me a few times, and of course she spotted the Rapunzel fleece.  They keep it right by the checkout. If this isn't a set up for parents, I don't know what is!

Since the Disney fleece is $25.00 a meter, and I'm cheap, I decided to only use the Disney fleece on the pillows and make the blanket out of plain fleece which is only $7 a meter.

Miss Em`s Rapunzel Planket

Mr. Magoo`s Car`s Planket

I changed the pattern a bit as you can see. Instead of sewing the blanket onto the pillow, I attached buttons to the pillow and made button loops on the blanket. I couldn`t quite wrap my head around how to use the blanket if it was attached to the pillow.  Now the kids can just slip their heads in between the buttons and the blanket stays attached to the pillow.

I also created a strap with button holes so we can attached them on the outside of the kids backpacks. 

Here`s a picture of Miss Em pretending she`s on the plane sleeping.

I`ll be sure to let you know how they work out!

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  1. I love Emily's "pretending to sleep" pose. Gawd I love that kid :)
    A. Tara