Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I have been waiting for today for quite some time. I started my blog back in May to document our trip to Ireland. Once we got back it quickly evolved into a craft / DIY blog, which I am having a lot of fun with.

Now after I figured out what this blogging stuff is about I realized that I wanted people to care about what I have to say, to actually want to read my blog. And in blogland the way to do this is to become a follower of your blog.

Every day I checked and nope :(. And then TODAY it happened!!!

Vicky from Mess for Less left a comment on my post for the Weekly Menu Board that I made. Vicky, Vicky, VICKY!!! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!! You made my day!!

You should all go over to Vicky's site and check out her awesome blog. It's full of great ideas to do with your children like her -  Colorful Dancing Milk or her Color Drop Game.

Go check her out! But wait before you leave ---- see over there on the right hand side, the little googlelike button that says Join this Site....Go click it and follow me!

Now go check out Mess for Less! 

Thanks again Vicky :)

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