Monday, September 26, 2011

~ Music Note Wall Art ~

So last week my darling husband was in the mood for painting and we decided on our living room/dining room wall, which has been a dark green for a couple years now. Now, I have learned the hard way that I have to accompany my husband to the paint store when a paint colour is being chosen. I'll say no more.

So off we go to the paint store, children in tow to find a colour that we both agree on. Well, I like greens, and he does not. So  I gave in to we compromised on Blue Niche by CIL.

Blue Niche
After a couple of coats of paint, our wall is done and I think it looks ok. Nothing fabulous (I'd prefer a shade of green) but it's fine. We took the mirrors down off of the wall above the fireplace and I cast my vote that they didn't go back up.

Now, I needed something to hang above our fireplace and I remembered a rolled paper wreath that I saw somewhere on the Internet but I can't seem to find it now .

I had purchased two books of sheet music a while back to make a bracelet and other various craft projects. I still had a ton of the papers left so I decided to use them. Who doesn't love music!

First I needed to find something to use for the back. Out to my recycling bin I went and came in with this cardboard from a pizza. I don't know if it's gross or not with the grease stains and all but it worked great!

I pulled all the pages of music out of the book binding and used my cutter to cut the titles and torn edges off the music sheets.

Next I rolled the paper and glued them around the outside of the circle.

I continued going around the outside until all the spaces were filled, then I started the next row, placing the rolled papers in between the cracks of the row underneath. I also brought them in a bit so you could see the first row.

Finally, I was done going around and around, rolling and gluing. I had to figure out how to hang this on the wall. I remembered something I saw on Pinterest the other day.

Tada!! A tab off a drink can. I hot glued that sucker in place and it works great. I do suggest that if you make this, to glue this tab on first before you glue your papers on. My rolled papers got a bit squished and it was really awkward to hold and glue this all at the same time. But it worked and I think it looks great. I also think the back looks pretty neat. Check it out below.

Makes a pretty flower, doesn't it.

Now here's a closeup of the finished product.

And the finished product hanging in place ..........

Sorry for the terrible lighting..I had to take this picture at night.

Here is where I need your help. I don't know what else to put up on the mantle. It needs something, but I can't decide. I would love if you could help me with this. I need some inspiration!!

** Update **

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  1. Looks Great! My mantle is pretty cliche-pictures, candle sticks, and some seasonal items that I switch out.

  2. Love the wreath! Maybe two candle sconces hanging on the wall on either side of the wreath? I usually have my seasonal decorations on our mantle. Good luck... but the wreath is an amazing start!

  3. Love that you filled in the center of the wreath! Great touch. And no one would ever know that a pizza was involved!

  4. It's cute! Each roll of paper looks the same, how did you do that? Can't wait to see how the rest of the mantel turns out.

  5. That is amazing! I am so impressed! Maybe putting some musical notes or smaller instruments. Candles? I am pinning this! Vicky @

  6. What a fantastic project!!!I LOVE old music sheets! I buy them from the Library book store for .25 cents a book! I am going to put this on my Facebook today!
    Thanks for joining the Haute Stuff party!

  7. You've been featured on Fabulousity Friday at Sweet Tea Serendipity! Come check it out & pick up your award:

  8. Thanks for all the great comments guys and for the help on what to do next, and the feature!!. I can't wait to show you what I've come up with for my mantle!!

  9. Sooo stinkin cute, my husband being a guitar/bass musician I'll def be stealing this idea!

  10. I found you through TT&J. I love your wall are AND the beautiful wall color! I'll be filing this one away, for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Thanks for linking up to my Tuesday Confessional Link Party. You've been featured,so stop by and pick up a brag button!

  12. okay first of all way to be super resourceful. love the pizza insert idea, and the pop tab was a great pinterest discovery for sure. I really love the idea of using sheet music- maybe even more than using book pages. yours looks wonderful. thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Hey Sarah,
    What about a nice wall art quote that relates to music?? I dunno.. just a thought. You're the crafty one not
    - Tara