Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Markers

I am so excited to share this project with you, partly because I think it's so cute and partly because I need your help fixing it.

So the other day I was thinking about making garden markers for our little vegetable garden we have. I usually just write the name of the veggie on a long stick and poke it in the ground. Well, I thought this year that Emily could help me out.

I had her draw and colour pictures of the vegetables in our garden. After she was done colouring them and cutting them out I laminated them with these Avery laminating sheets you can buy at Walmart for around $10.00. Now they don't even compare to the laminator I have at work, but they do the job. After they were laminated we hot glued them onto some Popsicle-like sticks I had. 

With little input from me, this is what Emily came up with. Please remember she's only 5.

Try to guess what they are before you read the caption.

Pretty good carrot, hey!


Oh I love this one...

Did you get it right?

Ha ha...try this one. Can you guess what it is?

It's....Spinach. I think it's great!

Here we have a yellow onion :)

And red onions

These are great too!
Yeah, they are radishes. You knew that right?

Can you guess what these are?

Here's a close up....

It's a pea. I told her we needed some peas and that's what she drew.

Now this one is tricky. But I think she did good.

It's a zucchini :)

Now you should be able to guess this one by what you see in the pot.

But isn't that the best damn picture of Lettuce you've ever seen in your life!

Ok. So I'm going to give this one to you.

I told her to draw a pumpkin :)


The kids put the stakes in all by themselves

And this guy wanted to help us too!

I snapped this picture after the bee left but thought I would throw it up here because I like it.

Ok, so here's where I need your help.  I kinda figured this would was hoping this wouldn't happen. 

hot glue + plastic + wood sticks + rain = fail.

This is what I came home to today.

So now I need to reattach these buggers.  I was thinking of stapling them on, but then they wouldn't be waterproof.  I could glue the crap out of them and hope they stick.

What do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. Great project you guys. What about using a hole punch through the laminate and using green twist ties to attach to the stick. Maybe you can hole punch the stick as well ?
    Grandma Thompson

  2. Good thing you didn't postpone taking the pictures,they are great and you are a wonderful mom. I use pernament felt markers on lath and write on them. Paint sticks would be great if you could get enough free ones. Now for the pictures????, Maybe lamintate your pictures!
    Donna Smith

  3. I think hot glue doesn't work very good I would try a different type of glue I
    like to use goop

  4. You might want to try weldbond glue Sarah. It dries clear and works really well on all types of surfaces. Lovely veggie pictures Emily.

    Aunt Teresa

  5. Thanks for all the help guys. Tonight, I'm gonna try this superduper glue I have at home. Will let you know how it goes.

  6. Adorable. These are just so cute. Em probably loves having her 'art' in the backyard for everyone to see!!!