Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ireland - Giant's Causeway - Northern Ireland

Ireland - Monday May 16 - Giant's Causeway

Today we were off to the Giant's Causeway. One of the most amazing places I have ever been to. Granted the weather was not the best, we made the best of it. Check out this website for more information

Now, from where we were at Eoin's to the Causeway is only 172 km's. That would take us, what, an hour and a half in Canada. Yeah, not quite the same in Ireland. The roads are some of the most curvy, windy - um - wine-dee, not win-dee. I didn't realize until now that our English can cause some real issues when trying to explain how windy a road is. It's not windy, you won't blow over, they are windy - you might get dizzy like!).

This was a typical road that we took up to the Giant's Causeway. And it is meant for 2 way traffic. When another car comes you kinda drive into the bushes to pass.

 So anyways, their roads are crazy. What would have taken us 1.5 hrs here, TOOK US 4 HOURS. Crazy hey! Thankfully, it wasn't like driving through the Canadian prairies. Everywhere you look is postcard perfect.

We stopped for a wee break just before the Causeway and Eoin took our picture in front of this castle. I can't remember what it's called, but it's literally right on the coast.

When we got to the Causeway, we stopped for a picnic. Rosemarie whipped up a delicious spread inside the camper van. We were inside the camper van because it was pissing rain outside. And that is the technical term for the amount of rain that was coming down. Thank god for raincoats.

Now you have to walk for about 25 minutes before you can see the giant pillars, but again it is so worth it.

Here are a few pictures, sorry they aren't the best as it is a bit hard to get a good shot when it's raining.

I even brought my poi to play with although it was basically just for this picture. Poi in the rain isn't that much fun either.

I'd just like to thank Eoin and Rosemarie for taking us on a tour of Northern Ireland. We would still be trying to find our way if it wasn't for them.

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  1. Just Found this,What can I say? Great memories,Happy days!