Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ireland - Family Barbeque

Well, on Sunday we were off to somewhere near CarrickMacross, Ireland for the Cooney annual family barbecue.

 Eoin (Canadian pronunciation is Owen, Own) & Rosemarie usually hold it in the summer but bumped it up for their Canadian visitors. THANKS GUYS!!

Our gracious hosts of the annual barbecue - Eoin & Rosemarie

It was so nice to meet everyone. Here's a photo of most of the brothers and sisters. Now lets see if I can remember who everyone is :)
From top left - Con, Siobhan, Pauline, Terry, Eoin, Bobby, Anne, Deirdre

And their better halves ;)
Michelle, Dimphna, Rose Marie, Paddy

Of course, I brought my fire poi and had a little bit of fun.

Here's Aoife (pronounced E-fa), guess what I introduced her to......GIN!! Bawahahahaha. I swear this girl could have been my sister. Love ya Aoife.

Considering Aoife and I polished off a bottle of gin, the rest of the night is kind of a blur. However I did find this picture on my camera the next day.  Must have been a good night!

That's me and Uncle Terry dancing it up on the picnic table.

 We had a great time, and it was a pleasure to meet everyone. I apologize to those who were there that I didn't mention, but I love you all just as much! Thank you again for the great memories.

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